Dorival Caymmi
  • 1. In which country was Dorival Caymmi born?
A) Argentina
B) Portugal
C) Brazil
D) Cuba
  • 2. What was Dorival Caymmi's primary musical instrument?
A) Violin
B) Guitar
C) Drums
D) Trumpet
  • 3. Which of the following musical genres was Caymmi known for?
A) Reggae
B) Bossa Nova
C) Salsa
D) Hip-Hop
  • 4. Caymmi is known for his rich cultural portrayal of which Brazilian state?
A) Minas Gerais
B) Rio de Janeiro
C) São Paulo
D) Bahia
  • 5. Dorival Caymmi was known for incorporating elements of which culture into his music?
A) African
B) European
C) Native American
D) Asian
  • 6. What was the name of Dorival Caymmi's wife, who was also a singer?
A) Isabel
B) Maria Luiza
C) Stella Maris
D) Carolina
  • 7. In which year did Dorival Caymmi pass away?
A) 1983
B) 2010
C) 1995
D) 2008
  • 8. Caymmi's music often portrayed scenes of life by which body of water?
A) A lake
B) A river
C) A pond
D) The sea
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