6.4H Measurement Conversion Test Out
         If you do not pass this test then you will need to go redo the lesson review again. Then retry the quiz.                      You must pass to move on.

6.4H convert units within a measurement

system, including the use of proportions 

and unit rates

You will need scratch paper to work these out.
A warehouse floor has a perimeter of 6,615 feet. What is
the perimeter of the floor in yards?
 735 yd
 19,845 yd
 2,205 yd
78,380 yd
A jug contains 10 cups of oil. How many quarts of oil does 
the jug contain?
 14 qt
 0.4 qt
 2.5 qt
 40 qt
A scientist used 786 milliliters for an experiment. How many
liters of the liquid did the scientist use for this experiment?
 0.0786 L
 7.86 L
 0.786 L
 786,000 L
Remember if you do not pass this test        you will need to complete the           review assignment again.
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