• 1. What is a hurricane?
A) a wind storm with a funnel
B) A storm with winds of 120km/h (75 mph) or more.
C) a severe thunderstorm
  • 2. What areas of the world have the most hurricanes?
A) areas near the equator (warm oceans)
B) Areas near the north or south poles
C) areas near the Pacific Ocean
  • 3. When is the MAIN hurricane season in the North Atlantic?
A) June to September
B) January to June
C) July to December
  • 4. What is the name of the main scale used to rank hurricanes and measure their damage potential?
A) Saffri-Simpson
B) Richter Scale
C) Beaufort Scale
  • 5. What are Hurricanes called in the western Pacific?
A) Cyclones
B) Typhoons
C) Hurricanes
  • 6. What are hurricanes called in the Indian Ocean
A) Cyclones
B) Typhoons
C) Hurricanes
  • 7. Technically a cyclone means ________ but it now refers specifically to a hurricane in the Indian Ocean.
A) Twister
B) a vacuum cleaner
C) any spinning wind
  • 8. What causes the most deaths from a hurricane?
A) storm surges
B) strong winds
C) falling trees
  • 9. What is the major cause of hurricane formation?
A) wind storms
B) winter blizzards
C) bad thunderstorms that form over warm water
  • 10. What does a hurricane hunter do?
A) Follows a hurricane so that everyone knows where it is.
B) Flies a plane and watches for a hurricane to form.
C) flies a plane into a hurricane to find out more about it.
  • 11. What is a storm surge?
A) the combination of strong winds and heavy rain
B) spiraling air which is rising and creating rain bands
C) severe flooding caused by higher than normal tides created by the storm pushing the ocean water toward the coast.
  • 12. Where are the worst winds in a hurricane found?
A) The eye-wall around the eye of the hurricane
B) around the outside edges
C) inside the eye of the hurricane
  • 13. What was the name of the hurricane that hit New York and New Jersey in October, 2012?
A) Hurricane Bob
B) Hurricane Katrina
C) Hurricane Sandy
  • 14. Hurricanes use ______________ names.
A) both girls and boys
B) boys
C) girls
  • 15. The centre of this swirling hurricane is called _____________.
A) the wall
B) the cyclonic centre
C) the eye
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