Diagnostic Test
  • 1. ______you interested in sport? .
A) Am
B) Is
C) Are
D) Be
  • 2. My_____is a writer and his books are very popular.
A) sister
B) mother
C) aunt
D) uncle
  • 3. We live in the city center and our house ____________have a big garden.
A) isn't
B) doesn't
C) don´t
D) aren't
  • 4. There ______ a lot of people outside the school. What's the porblem
A) is
B) aren't
C) are
D) isn't
  • 5. Cathy ________a game on her computer at the moment.
A) play
B) is playing
C) to play
D) plays
  • 6. Paul is very______. He doesn’t go out a lot.
A) angry
B) confident
C) sh
D) bored
  • 7. ____you like to come out with us tonight?
A) Are
B) Do
C) Would
D) Wll
  • 8. Dad’s ______work right now. He’s a teacher.
A) on
B) by
C) for
D) at
  • 9. Did you______shopping after school yesterday?
A) going
B) goes
C) went
D) go
  • 10. There wasn’t_______ milk for breakfast this morning so I had toast and orange juice
A) a
B) any
C) the
D) some
  • 11. I_____five emails before school today.
A) sended
B) was send
C) did send
D) sent
  • 12. Turn ___________
    and you’ll see the museum on the left.
A) right
B) on the right
C) rightly
D) by the right
  • 13. The beach was very crowded
A) in
B) at
C) to
D) on
  • 14. I_______
    the new Batman film yet. Is it any good?
A) am not seeing
B) didn't see
C) haven't seen
D) don't see
  • 15. Tom got the _____marks in the class for his homework
A) most bad
B) worst
C) baddest
D) worse
  • 16. You______
    eat all that cake! It isn’t good for you.
A) should not
B) may not
C) don't
D) will not
  • 17. How______time have we got to do this exercise?
A) much
B) many
C) long
D) quick
  • 18. Our teacher speaks English to us_______so that we can understand her
A) slower
B) slow
C) slowly
D) more slow
  • 19. My sister______
    speak French when she was only six years old.
A) could
B) had
C) should
D) was
  • 20. I really enjoy_______new languages.
A) to learn
B) learn
C) learning
D) learrned
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