Beirut, the capital city
  • 1. Beirut, the capital and largest city of Lebanon, holds a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Known as the 'Paris of the Middle East,' Beirut is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that blends modernity with ancient ruins. From the picturesque Mediterranean coastline to the bustling streets filled with cafes and restaurants, Beirut offers a unique blend of cultures and traditions. The city's diverse architecture, including Ottoman, French, and contemporary influences, reflects its complex past. With a lively nightlife scene, thriving art and music culture, and a resilient spirit, Beirut continues to captivate visitors with its charm and allure.

    What is the capital city of Lebanon?
A) Damascus
B) Cairo
C) Beirut
D) Amman
  • 2. Which sea does Beirut border?
A) Red Sea
B) Mediterranean Sea
C) Black Sea
D) Dead Sea
  • 3. What is the predominant language spoken in Beirut?
A) Spanish
B) English
C) French
D) Arabic
  • 4. Which mountain range can be seen from Beirut?
A) Rocky Mountains
B) Alps
C) Himalayas
D) Mount Lebanon
  • 5. Beirut is known as the _______ of the Middle East.
A) London
B) New York
C) Tokyo
D) Paris
  • 6. Which river flows through Beirut?
A) Beirut River
B) Tigris River
C) Euphrates River
D) Nile River
  • 7. What is the nickname of the Beirut Central District?
A) Financial District
B) Business Center
C) Old Town
D) Downtown Beirut
  • 8. Which iconic square in Beirut is known for its clock tower?
A) Martyrs' Square
B) Place de l'etoile
C) Nejmeh Square
D) Rafic Hariri Square
  • 9. Which is the oldest district in Beirut?
A) Saifi Village
B) Achrafieh
C) Hamra
D) Gemmayzeh
  • 10. What is the currency used in Beirut?
A) Euro
B) Yen
C) Lebanese Pound
D) Dollar
  • 11. Beirut is known for its vibrant _______.
A) Agriculture
B) Deserts
C) Forests
D) Nightlife
  • 12. What architectural style can be seen in traditional Lebanese houses in Beirut?
A) Art Deco
B) Victorian
C) Ottoman
D) Colonial
  • 13. Which famous American university has a campus in Beirut?
A) Harvard University
B) Stanford University
C) American University of Beirut
D) Yale University
  • 14. Who was the famous Lebanese writer and poet from Beirut known for his work 'The Prophet'?
A) Amin Maalouf
B) Khalil Gibran
C) Khalil Hawi
D) Mikha'il Na'ima
  • 15. On which continent is Beirut located?
A) Asia
B) South America
C) Africa
D) Europe
  • 16. What landmark in Beirut is known for its distinctive pigeon-filled structure?
A) Martyrs' Square
B) Beirut Souks
C) Pigeon Rocks
D) National Museum of Beirut
  • 17. Which historical civilization once ruled Beirut?
A) Byzantines
B) Ottomans
C) Phoenicians
D) Romans
  • 18. Which Lebanese pop star hails from Beirut?
A) Ragheb Alama
B) Haifa Wehbe
C) Nancy Ajram
D) Shakira
  • 19. What is the predominant religion in Beirut?
A) Judaism
B) Christianity
C) Buddhism
D) Islam
  • 20. What is a popular traditional Lebanese dance performed in Beirut?
A) Salsa
B) Dabke
C) Ballet
D) Hip-hop
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