The Godfather by Mario Puzo (1969)
  • 1. Who is the author of the novel 'The Godfather'?
A) Martin Scorsese
B) Mario Puzo
C) Francis Ford Coppola
D) Al Pacino
  • 2. In which year was 'The Godfather' novel first published?
A) 1980
B) 1990
C) 1969
D) 1972
  • 3. What is the name of the crime family at the center of 'The Godfather'?
A) Corleone
B) Soprano
C) DiMartino
D) Falcone
  • 4. Who becomes the head of the Corleone crime family?
A) Vito Corleone
B) Sonny Corleone
C) Michael Corleone
D) Fredo Corleone
  • 5. What is the first name of Vito Corleone's wife?
A) Gina
B) Carmela
C) Rosa
D) Angela
  • 6. Which character famously says, 'I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse'?
A) Michael Corleone
B) Vito Corleone
C) Sonny Corleone
D) Tom Hagen
  • 7. Who is Michael Corleone's first wife?
A) Kay Adams
B) Carmela
C) Apollonia
D) Connie Corleone
  • 8. What kind of business is the cover for the Corleone family's illegal activities?
A) Wine distribution
B) Restaurant chain
C) Newspaper publishing
D) Olive oil import
  • 9. Who is Sonny Corleone's mistress in the novel?
A) Kay Adams
B) Carmela Corleone
C) Lucy Mancini
D) Apollonia
  • 10. Which character is known as the 'Consigliere' to the Corleone family?
A) Clemenza
B) Tom Hagen
C) Tessio
D) Sonny Corleone
  • 11. What is the famous phrase associated with The Godfather: "I'll make him an offer..."?
A) is hard to refuse
B) he'll reject
C) he won't consider
D) he can't refuse
  • 12. Who famously played Vito Corleone in the film adaptation of The Godfather?
A) Al Pacino
B) Robert De Niro
C) James Caan
D) Marlon Brando
  • 13. Who betrays Michael Corleone in The Godfather?
A) Clemenza
B) Sollozzo
C) Barzini
D) Tessio
  • 14. What is the title of Mario Puzo's sequel to The Godfather?
A) The Last Don
B) The Sicilian
C) Omerta
D) The Family
  • 15. What is the name of the funeral director who works with the Corleones?
A) Amerigo Bonasera
B) Emilio Barzini
C) Dominic Cattano
D) Virgil Sollozzo
  • 16. Who is the police captain that the Corleones have in their pocket?
A) Sal Tessio
B) Mark McCluskey
C) Virgil Sollozzo
D) Al Neri
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