Figuratively Speaking Literary Terms B
__1. alliterationA. repetition of vowel sounds within all the words of a phrase
__2. assonanceB. extreme exaggeration
__3. figurative languageC. comparing two objects or ideas without using "like" or "as".
__4. hyperboleD. an object, animal, or idea is given human characteristics
__5. idiomE. the use of a word or phrase to imitate sound
__6. imageryF. comparing two unlike objects or ideas using "like" or "as"
__7. metaphorG. repetition of initial consonant sounds in a phrase
__8. onomatopoeiaH. Saying one thing, but literally meaning something different
__9. personificationI. language that appeals to all of our senses
__10. simileJ. language that uses images or language to make comparisons
__11. AnalogiesA. a play on words
__12. FlashbackB. when a person says one thing and means another
__13. ForeshadowingC. intended meaning of words used has the opposite meanings
__14. IronyD. the outcome of an event is the expected opposite
__15. MoodE. something concrete that stands for something abstract
__16. PunF. attitude an author takes toward his subject and characters
__17. Situational IronyG. the feeling created within a reader while reading
__18. SymbolH. story interrupted to tell of earlier events that happened
__19. ToneI. hints about events that occur later on in a story
__20. Verbal IronyJ. comparisons with connections
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