Lesson 54 - Mckinley and Roosevelt (ucopenaccess.org U7 L54)
__1. BoxersA. Chinese patriots who rebelled against European exploitation
__2. Cuban citizensB. enthusiastically promoted the International Darwinism moveme
__3. Hay-Pauncefote TreatyC. Where the U.S. Navy easily destroyed the aging Spanish fleet
__4. Josiah StrongD. the primary approach that the U.S. took toward China
__5. MaineE. revolted against their Spanish occupiers
__6. ManilaF. published a private letter written by Spanish diplomat
__7. Open Door PolicyG. suddenly exploded in the harbor killing all 260
__8. Pact of ParisH. allowed the U.S. to build and fortify a canal
__9. PanamaI. freed Cuba from Spanish rule-US ctrl of Guam & Puerto Rico
__10. William Randolph HearstJ. most advantageous and realistic sit for the canal
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