Types of Trees
  • 1. What type of tree sheds its leaves annually?
A) Palm
B) Fir
C) Deciduous
D) Pine
  • 2. Which tree is known for its distinctive white bark?
A) Cedar
B) Spruce
C) Birch
D) Poplar
  • 3. The tallest tree species in the world is?
A) Fir
B) Redwood
C) Cypress
D) Beech
  • 4. Which tree is the national symbol of Canada?
A) Fir
B) Birch
C) Maple
D) Cedar
  • 5. What type of tree has prominent fan-shaped leaves?
A) Sycamore
B) Hickory
C) Willow
D) Ginkgo
  • 6. The leaves of which tree turn bright red in the fall?
A) Ash
B) Fir
C) Pine
D) Red Maple
  • 7. Which tree is used to make traditional cricket bats?
A) Cypress
B) Beech
C) Willow
D) Pine
  • 8. What type of tree is commonly used for Christmas decorations?
A) Willow
B) Beech
C) Fir
D) Cypress
  • 9. Which tree is a traditional symbol of peace?
A) Beech
B) Olive
C) Pine
D) Willow
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