• 1. What is Wolverine's real name?
A) James Howlett
B) Scott Summers
C) Peter Parker
D) Logan Howlett
  • 2. Which fictional metal is bonded to Wolverine's skeleton?
A) Adamantium
B) Titanium
C) Kryptonite
D) Vibranium
  • 3. Who is Wolverine's primary enemy in the X-Men series?
A) Sabretooth
B) Magneto
C) Juggernaut
D) Mystique
  • 4. Which superhero team does Wolverine belong to?
A) X-Men
B) Justice League
C) Fantastic Four
D) Avengers
  • 5. Which mutant power does Wolverine not possess?
A) Enhanced Senses
B) Telepathy
C) Superhuman Strength
D) Bone Claws
  • 6. Which organization originally experimented on Wolverine and gave him adamantium claws?
A) S.H.I.E.L.D.
B) Weapon X
C) Hydra
D) A.I.M.
  • 7. In which country was Wolverine born?
A) United States
B) Canada
C) Russia
D) Australia
  • 8. Wolverine is part of a species known as what kind of creature?
A) Superhuman
B) Cyborg
C) Alien
D) Mutant
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