Ice Hockey
  • 1. Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport played on ice, where two teams compete to score goals by shooting a puck into the opponent's goal. Players skate on ice using hockey sticks to pass and control the puck, showcasing skill, speed, and teamwork. Ice hockey requires physical endurance, agility, and strategic thinking, making it an exciting and dynamic sport to watch and play. The game is popular in many countries, with leagues and championships held at various levels, from amateur to professional. Ice hockey has a rich history and tradition, with passionate fans and dedicated players who contribute to the thrill and intensity of the sport.

    Which country is known for inventing ice hockey?
A) Sweden
B) Russia
C) Canada
D) United States
  • 2. How many players are on the ice per team in a standard ice hockey game?
A) 5
B) 8
C) 7
D) 6
  • 3. What is the objective of ice hockey?
A) Avoid getting penalties
B) Hit the puck as far as possible
C) Keep possession of the puck at all times
D) Score more goals than the opposing team
  • 4. What is a 'power play' in ice hockey?
A) When a team has scored in rapid succession
B) When a team has a numerical advantage due to a penalty
C) When a team is playing aggressively
D) When a team changes its playing strategy
  • 5. What happens during a shootout in ice hockey?
A) Teams switch goalies
B) Players take penalty shots to determine the winner
C) Players engage in a group fight
D) Teams play a sudden-death period
  • 6. What is the term for when a player scores three goals in a single game?
A) Slap shot
B) Power play
C) Hat trick
D) Faceoff
  • 7. What is 'offside' in ice hockey?
A) When a player uses an illegal stick
B) When an attacking player enters the offensive zone before the puck
C) When a player holds onto the puck for too long
D) When a player scores from the defensive zone
  • 8. What is the term for when a player scores a goal with no one else touching the puck?
A) Hat trick goal
B) Slap shot goal
C) Unassisted goal
D) Empty-net goal
  • 9. Which player is typically responsible for taking faceoffs to start play?
A) Center
B) Goalie
C) Winger
D) Defenseman
  • 10. What is the term for a situation in ice hockey when one team has more players on the ice due to a penalty?
A) Faceoff
B) Penalty kill
C) Power play
D) Icing
  • 11. What is the area called where the ice hockey game is played?
A) Field
B) Rink
C) Court
D) Track
  • 12. What is the name of the professional ice hockey league in North America?
  • 13. Which piece of equipment is used by the goalie in ice hockey to protect the face?
A) Skates
B) Jersey
C) Mask
D) Gloves
  • 14. What is the term used for a one-on-one situation between a skater and a goalie in ice hockey?
A) Checking
B) Slapshot
C) Breakaway
D) Power play
  • 15. How long is a standard period in ice hockey?
A) 30 minutes
B) 15 minutes
C) 20 minutes
D) 10 minutes
  • 16. What is the area in front of the goal called where a lot of scoring chances occur in ice hockey?
A) Blue line
B) Neutral zone
C) Crease
D) Slot
  • 17. What does the acronym 'NHL' stand for in ice hockey?
A) National Hockey League
B) New Hampshire League
C) Northland Hockey League
D) Northern Hockey League
  • 18. Which player is known for being responsible for protecting the goalie and preventing opponents from scoring in ice hockey?
A) Goalie
B) Winger
C) Center
D) Defenseman
  • 19. When a player scores a goal in ice hockey, what do the fans traditionally throw onto the ice?
A) Banners
B) Shirts
C) Plastic cups
D) Hats
  • 20. What is the circular pattern around the goal in ice hockey where the goalie is positioned called?
A) Slot
B) Neutral zone
C) Blue line
D) Crease
  • 21. Who is the official responsible for dropping the puck for faceoffs in ice hockey?
A) Coach
B) Captain
C) Referee
D) Goalie
  • 22. Which player holds the record for most career goals in the NHL?
A) Jaromir Jagr
B) Wayne Gretzky
C) Alex Ovechkin
D) Mario Lemieux
  • 23. What is the name of the annual championship trophy awarded to the NHL playoff winner?
A) Vezina Trophy
B) Stanley Cup
C) President's Trophy
D) Hart Memorial Trophy
  • 24. What is the term for an illegal move in ice hockey where a player uses their feet to pass the puck?
A) High-sticking
B) Interference
C) Kicking
D) Slashing
  • 25. In which city did the first known indoor ice hockey game take place?
A) Boston
B) Montreal
C) Toronto
D) New York
  • 26. What is the term for the act of removing a player from the ice and replacing them with another?
A) Line change
B) Power play
C) Faceoff
D) Forecheck
  • 27. Which city is home to the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team?
A) Portland
B) Las Vegas
C) Phoenix
D) Seattle
  • 28. What is the maximum number of players allowed on an NHL team's roster during a season?
A) 26
B) 30
C) 23
D) 20
  • 29. Which NHL team has won the most Stanley Cup championships?
A) Montreal Canadiens
B) Chicago Blackhawks
C) Toronto Maple Leafs
D) Detroit Red Wings
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