• 1. What is the capital city of Turkey?
A) Ankara
B) Izmir
C) Antalya
D) Istanbul
  • 2. Ankara is located in which region of Turkey?
A) Central Anatolia
B) Marmara
C) Aegean
D) Mediterranean
  • 3. Which sporting event was held in Ankara in 2005?
A) Olympic Games
B) European Championships
C) FIFA World Cup
D) Universiade
  • 4. What type of climate does Ankara experience?
A) Desert
B) Mediterranean
C) Subtropical
D) Continental
  • 5. Which festival takes place annually in Ankara in September?
A) Ankara Music Festival
B) Ankara Jazz Festival
C) Ankara International Film Festival
D) Ankara Wine Festival
  • 6. Which political party has its headquarters in Ankara?
A) Justice and Development Party
B) Nationalist Movement Party
C) People's Democratic Party
D) Republican People's Party
  • 7. Ankara is the second-largest city in Turkey by what measure?
A) Population
B) Historical importance
C) Elevation
D) Area
  • 8. What is the name of the ancient hilltop citadel in Ankara?
A) Ephesus Ruins
B) Alanya Castle
C) Topkapi Palace
D) Ankara Castle
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