2nd Six Weeks Warm Up 10
How m any elements are in the compound:

All the of the following are evidence of a 
chemical reaction except:
a gas being created
pouring two liquids together
a change in the state of matter
the temperature of
    a substance raising 15 degrees
Mr. Bellman mixed two liquids together.  After
sitting for 2 minutes the liquids became a solid.
This means:
liquids always mix and form a solid
there was no chemical change
Mr. Bellman waited to long
Mr. Bellman has seen a chemical change.
Mrs. Ruble poured two solids into a plastic bag.
She then poured in a red liquid.  The substances in 
the bag quickly became hot.  Has Mrs. Ruble
seen a chemical reaction?
Mr. Bellman burned sugar in class on a hot platefor everyone to see.  Mr. Bellman explained thatthe main piece of evidence that proves the sugarchemically changed was:
the sugar doesnt taste as good
the sugar changed color
the sugar can change back to its original state
sugar can change randomly on it's own
All of the following are examples of chemical
changes except:
gas being created
leaves changing color
carbon and oxygen separating from CO2 
dissolving sugar in water
Tearing paper, ice melting, and dry ice turning 
back into a gas are examples of chemical changes.
True or False
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