Business Studies Jss2 Test
  • 1. The role of insurance in commerce is essential to ....
A) Invest the premium
B) Minimize business risk
C) Insecure life and property
  • 2. The person that receives and directs visitors in an organization is known as....
A) Clerk
B) Waiter
C) Receptionist
  • 3. ...... Is a situation in which important information must be kept secret
A) Confidentiality
B) Case study
C) Security
  • 4. Insurance against loss of goods carried by ship is.....
A) Fire
B) Marine
C) Burglary
  • 5. The regular money paid by the insured to the insurance company is called....
A) Premium
B) Dues
C) Charges
  • 6. All these are principles of insurance except....
A) Subrogation
B) Utmost good faith
C) Dividend
  • 7. The Apex Bank in Nigeria is......
A) Central Bank of Nigeria
B) First Bank of Nigeria
C) Union Bank of Nigeria
  • 8. the bedrock of all business success
A) Inconsistency
B) Honesty
C) Dishonesty
  • 9. The money used to start a business is referred to as.....
A) Naira
B) Dollar
C) Capital
  • 10. Which of the following can be found in am office?
A) All of the above
B) File cabinets
C) Chairs
  • 11. The branch of commerce that covers business risk is known as......
A) Banking
B) Insurance
C) Communication
  • 12. The processes through which new products are brought to the notice of the public is known as ______
A) advertising
B) transport
C) insurance
  • 13. A banker’s bank in Nigeria is the ______
A) Nigeria bank
B) National bank
C) Central bank
  • 14. One of the following is NOT an aid to trade
A) Advertising
B) Stock
C) Insurance
  • 15. What is a buyer given for purchasing goods from seller?
A) a receipt
B) An order
C) an invoice
  • 16. The following can be insured except
A) Life
B) motor vehicle
C) gambling
  • 17. Money used for small expense in an office is called —
A) loan
B) imprest
C) advance
  • 18. The arrangement between the insurance company and the insured is called —- insurance
A) invoice
B) premium
C) policy
  • 19. good book keeper should have the following qualities except being —
A) neat
B) fast and accurate
C) rough
  • 20. … the monthly or periodic payment to retired workers
A) pension
B) wages
C) charges
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