Legacy of Pedro II of Brazil
  • 1. Pedro II of Brazil was the ____ emperor of Brazil.
A) Fourth
B) First
C) Third
D) Second
  • 2. Pedro II was known for his dedication to promoting ____ in Brazil.
A) Education
B) Agriculture
C) Mining
D) Military
  • 3. Pedro II was deposed in a ____ in 1889.
A) Referendum
B) Peaceful Transition
C) Revolution
D) Coup
  • 4. Which country did Pedro II go into exile after being deposed?
A) Italy
B) Portugal
C) France
  • 5. The Brazilian monarchy was abolished after Pedro II's overthrow in favor of a ____ form of government.
A) Constitutional Monarchy
B) Military Dictatorship
C) Republic
D) Absolute Monarchy
  • 6. What year did Pedro II's rule as emperor of Brazil come to an end?
A) 1905
B) 1832
C) 1850
D) 1889
  • 7. Pedro II's library collection was one of the largest in the ____ at that time.
A) World
B) Country
C) Continent
D) Hemisphere
  • 8. Pedro II was a believer in a ____ society with opportunities for all.
A) Paternalistic
B) Caste-based
C) Feudal
D) Meritocratic
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