Submersible Science Vocabulary for USN
__1. AdvantageA. A rule or standard by which something is judged.
__2. CriteriaB. A favorable condition or factor
__3. DensityC. Has 5 steps: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve
__4. DepthD. used to describe how tightly something is packed together.
__5. DesignE. A statement that tries to explain a theory or an idea.
__6. EngineerF. A person who uses his creative to solve problems.
__7. Engineering Design ProcessG. A plan for how to do something.
__8. HypothesisH. How deep something is.
__9. RedesignI. To change or improve the characteristics of something.
__10. TechnologyJ. A system or thing that has been created to solve a problem.
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