Week 5- Matching
__1. apparentA. to finally give up
__2. formulaB. finally discover something
__3. illustrateC. sudden loss or bereavement
__4. impulseD. grouchy and grumpy
__5. orchestraE. the use of biased media
__6. propagandaF. act or do without thinking
__7. retrievedG. this is really obvious
__8. sullenH. a musical experience
__9. surrenderI. to improve or clarify
__10. sympathyJ. a math or science solution
__11. accessA. being aware
__12. antidoteB. royal monarchy
__13. bazaarC. development of moral choice
__14. breadthD. legal process
__15. conscienceE. width of a room
__16. consciousF. a waste of time
__17. excessG. allowed entry
__18. feudalH. a swap meet
__19. futileI. too much of something
__20. prosecutedJ. a medical cure
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