Henry Fielding
  • 1. What year was Henry Fielding born?
A) 1707
B) 1737
C) 1727
D) 1717
  • 2. Which of the following novels was written by Henry Fielding?
A) Emma
B) Moby Dick
C) 1984
D) Tom Jones
  • 3. What is the full name of Henry Fielding's famous novel 'Tom Jones'?
A) Tom Jones and the Adventure of a Lifetime
B) Tom Jones: A Love Story
C) The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling
D) The Adventures of Tom Jones
  • 4. What profession did Henry Fielding also hold aside from being a novelist?
A) Architect
B) Magistrate
C) Physician
D) Ship Captain
  • 5. What was the name of Henry Fielding's satire of Samuel Richardson's 'Pamela'?
A) Shamela
B) Miranda
C) Sophia
D) Lucinda
  • 6. Which of the following works by Henry Fielding is considered his first major novel?
A) Shamela
B) Amelia
C) Jonathan Wild
D) Joseph Andrews
  • 7. In what year did Henry Fielding die?
A) 1754
B) 1764
C) 1784
D) 1774
  • 8. What is the title of Henry Fielding's satirical play that criticizes the Walpole government?
A) Theatre of the Absurd
B) The Historical Register for the Year 1736
C) The Government Inspector
D) The Critic
  • 9. Which famous author and politician was Henry Fielding's half-brother?
A) Joseph Addison
B) John Fielding
C) Alexander Pope
D) John Dryden
  • 10. What event inspired Henry Fielding to start writing plays and prose satire?
A) The French Revolution
B) The Licensing Act of 1737
C) The Great Plague
D) The Boston Tea Party
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