Freedom Crossing, by Margaret Goff Clark
  • 1. Where had Laura spent the past 4 years?
A) Ohio
B) Canada
C) Virginia
D) Buffalo
  • 2. Where is the hidden room used to hide runaway slaves in the Eastman home?
A) behind the cook stove
B) the fruit cellar
C) Laura's bedroom
D) under the front porch
  • 3. Who is Joel?
A) a slave hunter
B) a runaway slave
C) a childhood friend
D) Laura's brother
  • 4. In the spiritual "Go Down, Moses", who is Moses?
A) Uncle Tom
B) Harriett Beecher Stowe
C) Harriet Tubman
D) Josiah Tryon
  • 5. Who taught Martin to read?
A) his teacher
B) his father
C) his brother
D) his master
  • 6. What convinced Laura that all slaves were not well treated?
A) Bert and Joel were abolitionists.
B) She saw Martin's scarred back.
C) She met Harriet Tubman.
D) Uncle Jim told her about the cruelties.
  • 7. Who sent Laura Uncle Tom's Cabin as a present?
A) Martin
B) Bert
C) Joel
D) Harvey
  • 8. Who owned the "fastest horse in town"?
A) The Fitches
B) The Tryons
C) The Eastmans
D) The Todds
  • 9. What was Tryon's Folly?
A) the final station
B) a walled garden
C) an old barn
D) a boathouse
  • 10. Who brought Martin to the cellar?
A) Laura
B) Walt
C) Joel
D) Bert
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