• 1. What is the scientific name for Saola?
A) Pseudoryx nghetinhensis
B) Equus ferus caballus
C) Bubalus arnee
D) Panthera tigris
  • 2. Which country is the native habitat of Saola?
A) Canada
B) Brazil
C) Vietnam
D) Australia
  • 3. What is the conservation status of Saola according to the IUCN Red List?
A) Least Concern
B) Endangered
C) Critically Endangered
D) Vulnerable
  • 4. Saola is often referred to as:
A) Asian unicorn
B) Himalayan ghost
C) Prairie phantom
D) Savannah spirit
  • 5. Which family does the Saola belong to?
A) Equidae
B) Felidae
C) Bovidae
D) Canidae
  • 6. How many known subspecies of Saola exist?
A) None
B) Two
C) One
D) Three
  • 7. The Saola was discovered in which year?
A) 1988
B) 1975
C) 2001
D) 1992
  • 8. Which conservation organization has been actively involved in Saola conservation efforts?
A) Conservation International
B) The Nature Conservancy
C) Greenpeace
D) World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • 9. What is the typical lifespan of a Saola in the wild?
A) 25-30 years
B) 10-15 years
C) 5-7 years
D) Unknown
  • 10. The Saola is named after a river that flows through which countries?
A) China and India
B) Brazil and Peru
C) Russia and Mongolia
D) Laos and Vietnam
  • 11. How many horns does a Saola typically have?
A) Three
B) Two
C) Four
D) One
  • 12. What is the Saola's approximate weight range?
A) 80-100 kg
B) 300-400 kg
C) 150-200 kg
D) 20-40 kg
  • 13. What is the estimated global population of Saolas as of the latest data?
A) Around 500
B) Unknown
C) Less than 100
D) Over 1,000
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