States of Matter
  • 1. What are the three common states of matter?
A) Solid, liquid, plasma
B) Solid, liquid, gas
C) Plasma, gas, solid
D) Liquid, gas, plasma
  • 2. Which state of matter has a definite shape and volume?
A) Liquid
B) Plasma
C) Gas
D) Solid
  • 3. Which state of matter takes the shape of its container but has a definite volume?
A) Plasma
B) Gas
C) Solid
D) Liquid
  • 4. Which state of matter has neither a definite shape nor volume?
A) Solid
B) Gas
C) Liquid
D) Plasma
  • 5. What causes matter to change from one state to another?
A) Temperature and pressure
B) Speed and volume
C) Density and color
D) Energy and mass
  • 6. What is the process called when a liquid changes into a gas at the surface?
A) Deposition
B) Sublimation
C) Evaporation
D) Condensation
  • 7. What is the state of matter with high kinetic energy and weak intermolecular forces, but can conduct electricity?
A) Gas
B) Solid
C) Plasma
D) Liquid
  • 8. What phase change occurs when a solid turns directly into a gas without passing through the liquid phase?
A) Condensation
B) Deposition
C) Evaporation
D) Sublimation
  • 9. What is the process called when a solid turns into a liquid?
A) Vaporization
B) Freezing
C) Melting
D) Condensation
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