Hagia Sophia Museum
  • 1. Hagia Sophia Museum, located in Istanbul, Turkey, is a magnificent architectural marvel that has stood the test of time. Originally built as a Christian cathedral in the 6th century, it later served as a mosque and is now a museum. The structure's stunning dome and intricate mosaics showcase the blending of Byzantine and Islamic architectural styles, reflecting its rich history and cultural significance. Visitors from around the world come to admire the beauty and historical significance of Hagia Sophia, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in art, history, and architecture.

    Which empire commissioned Hagia Sophia's construction?
A) Ottoman Empire
B) Byzantine Empire
C) Persian Empire
D) Roman Empire
  • 2. Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque in which year?
A) 1600
B) 1453
C) 1204
D) 1800
  • 3. In which city is Hagia Sophia located?
A) Paris
B) Istanbul
C) Rome
D) Athens
  • 4. Who was the main architect of Hagia Sophia?
A) Leonardo da Vinci
B) Isidore of Miletus
C) Michelangelo
D) Giotto
  • 5. What is the architectural style of Hagia Sophia?
A) Byzantine
B) Gothic
C) Art Deco
D) Baroque
  • 6. Which Ottoman Sultan ordered the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque?
A) Mahmud II
B) Mehmed II
C) Selim II
D) Suleiman the Magnificent
  • 7. Hagia Sophia became a museum in which year?
A) 1800
B) 2000
C) 1935
D) 1950
  • 8. What does 'Hagia Sophia' mean in Greek?
A) Eternal Light
B) Great Cathedral
C) Holy Wisdom
D) Golden Palace
  • 9. What material was used in the construction of Hagia Sophia's dome?
A) Brick
B) Wood
C) Marble
D) Concrete
  • 10. Hagia Sophia is known for its impressive interior featuring intricate what?
A) Tapestries
B) Mosaics
C) Sculptures
D) Frescoes
  • 11. Which famous emperor was responsible for ordering the construction of Hagia Sophia?
A) Nero
B) Constantine the Great
C) Augustus
D) Justinian I
  • 12. Hagia Sophia served as a church for almost how many years?
A) 1500 years
B) 200 years
C) 500 years
D) 916 years
  • 13. Which medieval traveler provided detailed descriptions of Hagia Sophia after visiting it in the 14th century?
A) Christopher Columbus
B) Amerigo Vespucci
C) Marco Polo
D) Ibn Battuta
  • 14. To which UNESCO World Heritage Site list does Hagia Sophia belong?
A) Taj Mahal
B) Machu Picchu
C) Historic Areas of Istanbul
D) Great Wall of China
  • 15. Which Byzantine Emperor held his coronation ceremony at Hagia Sophia in 1261?
A) John V Palaiologos
B) Justinian I
C) Constantine XI
D) Michael VIII Palaiologos
  • 16. What type of stone was used in the floors of Hagia Sophia?
A) Slate
B) Marble
C) Limestone
D) Granite
  • 17. Hagia Sophia has a unique feature known as the 'Deesis mosaic.' Who is depicted in this mosaic?
A) Sultan Mehmed II
B) Julius Caesar
C) Jesus Christ
D) Cleopatra
  • 18. Hagia Sophia is known for its massive dome. What architectural innovation was used to support the dome?
A) Groin vaults
B) Corinthian columns
C) Flying buttresses
D) Pendentives
  • 19. Which famous historical figure visited Hagia Sophia and decreed it as a museum?
A) Queen Victoria
B) Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
C) Genghis Khan
D) Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 20. What is the Turkish name for Hagia Sophia?
A) Blue Mosque
B) Sultanahmet
C) Ayasofya
D) Topkapi
  • 21. What was the original name of the city where Hagia Sophia is located?
A) Sardis
B) Ephesus
C) Byzantium
D) Troy
  • 22. One of the notable features of Hagia Sophia is its _______ decoration.
A) Mosaic
B) Metallic
C) Plasterwork
D) Wooden
  • 23. What was Hagia Sophia originally used as?
A) A mosque
B) A palace
C) A church
D) A library
  • 24. Which famous Ottoman architect significantly modified Hagia Sophia after 1453?
A) Michelangelo
B) Frank Lloyd Wright
C) Mimar Sinan
D) Le Corbusier
  • 25. Which natural disaster severely damaged Hagia Sophia in the 6th century, leading to its reconstruction?
A) Earthquake
B) Tornado
C) Flood
D) Hurricane
  • 26. What UNESCO status does Hagia Sophia Museum currently hold?
A) World Heritage Site
B) Cultural Treasure
C) Protected Landmark
D) National Monument
  • 27. What stunning feature of Hagia Sophia makes it famous for its acoustics?
A) The dome
B) The minarets
C) The courtyard
D) The mosaics
  • 28. In which century was Hagia Sophia completed and dedicated?
A) 8th century
B) 9th century
C) 6th century
D) 7th century
  • 29. What is the current status of Hagia Sophia as of 2021?
A) Palace
B) Mosque
C) Church
D) Museum
  • 30. What is the nickname given to the minarets of Hagia Sophia?
A) Golden Minarets
B) Spiral Spires
C) Pencil Minarets
D) Tall Towers
  • 31. Which historical figure visited Hagia Sophia in the 19th century and expressed awe at its beauty?
A) Mark Twain
B) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
C) Napoleon Bonaparte
D) Joan of Arc
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