• 1. What county is Berkhamsted located in?
A) Buckinghamshire
B) Hertfordshire
C) Suffolk
D) Oxfordshire
  • 2. Which river runs through Berkhamsted?
A) River Thames
B) River Avon
C) River Bulbourne
D) River Severn
  • 3. In which century was Berkhamsted Castle built?
A) 8th century
B) 11th century
C) 14th century
D) 16th century
  • 4. Which famous writer attended Berkhamsted School?
A) Charles Dickens
B) Graham Greene
C) Jane Austen
D) William Shakespeare
  • 5. What is the name of the famous canal that passes through Berkhamsted?
A) Suez Canal
B) Grand Union Canal
C) Erie Canal
D) Panama Canal
  • 6. What type of sports are popular in Berkhamsted?
A) Basketball and tennis
B) Football and cricket
C) Sailing and rowing
D) Ice hockey and skiing
  • 7. What is the nearest major city to Berkhamsted?
A) London
B) New York City
C) Paris
D) Sydney
  • 8. In which year did Berkhamsted win the Great British High Street Award?
A) 1995
B) 2018
C) 2008
D) 2021
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