Paul Butterfield
  • 1. What was Paul Butterfield's primary musical instrument?
A) Drums
B) Guitar
C) Harmonica
D) Saxophone
  • 2. Which genre of music was Paul Butterfield known for?
A) Reggae
B) Blues
C) Country
D) Classical
  • 3. In which city did Paul Butterfield form his band?
A) Chicago
B) Detroit
C) Los Angeles
D) New York City
  • 4. Which of the following was a famous album by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band?
A) South-North
B) West-East
C) East-West
D) North-South
  • 5. Who was the lead guitarist in the Paul Butterfield Blues Band?
A) Mike Bloomfield
B) Stevie Ray Vaughan
C) Jimi Hendrix
D) Eric Clapton
  • 6. Paul Butterfield was known for incorporating elements of which music genre into his blues music?
A) Pop
B) Hip Hop
C) Heavy Metal
D) Jazz
  • 7. Which label did Paul Butterfield and his band release their debut album under?
A) Capitol
B) Elektra
C) Atlantic
D) Columbia
  • 8. In what year was Paul Butterfield born?
A) 1975
B) 1942
C) 1955
D) 1968
  • 9. Which famous music festival did the Paul Butterfield Blues Band perform at in 1967?
A) Woodstock
B) Monterey Pop Festival
C) Isle of Wight Festival
D) Newport Folk Festival
  • 10. Which musician had a significant influence on Paul Butterfield's harmonica playing?
A) Sonny Boy Williamson II
B) Little Walter
C) Big Walter Horton
D) James Cotton
  • 11. Which film featured the Paul Butterfield Blues Band performing their song 'One More Mile'?
A) Woodstock
B) The Last Waltz
C) A Hard Day's Night
D) Gimme Shelter
  • 12. Which music festival did The Paul Butterfield Blues Band perform at in 1969?
A) Isle of Wight
B) Monterey Pop
C) Newport Folk
D) Woodstock
  • 13. Which award did Paul Butterfield win in 1986 posthumously?
A) Harmonica Icon Award
B) Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
C) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction
D) Blues Hall of Fame Induction
  • 14. Where did Paul Butterfield pass away in 1987?
A) London
B) North Hollywood
C) New York City
D) Chicago
  • 15. Paul Butterfield was posthumously inducted into which music hall of fame in 2015?
A) Blues Hall of Fame
B) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
C) Harmonica Hall of Fame
D) Grammy Hall of Fame
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