parts of speech
  • 1. In the sentence "Billy ate his friend Jack. " what is the verb?
A) Billy
B) friend
C) ate
D) Jack
  • 2. In the sentence " Jerille is running to the store." which words are verbs ?
A) to
B) Jerille
C) is running
D) store
  • 3. In the sentence "Kansas doen't have many people." which words are nouns ?
A) doesn't
B) many
C) have
D) Kansas people
  • 4. In the sentence "When we go to the movies, we eat popcorn." what are the verbs?
A) movies we
B) popcorn
C) go eat
D) to when
  • 5. In the sentence "I love eating spicy food at Mexican restaurants." what are the adjectives ?
A) Mexican spicy
B) I love
C) Mexican food
D) restaurants eating
  • 6. In the sentence "Run home quickly and quietly tell Mom that I am sick." what are the averbs?
A) quietly hurt
B) hurt run
C) quickly quietly
D) quickly home
  • 7. In the sentence "Lunch at school is never very good." what is the verb?
A) is
B) never
C) good
D) very
  • 8. In the sentence "I was at the store" what is the verb?
A) at
B) was
C) store
D) the
  • 9. In the sentence "Can we eat large pieces of pie? what is the adjective ?
A) large
B) pie
C) can
D) pieces
  • 10. In the sentence "The car goes really fast when it flies over the people." what is the adjective ?
A) people
B) goes
C) fast
D) flies
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