Melly Goeslaw
  • 1. In which country was Melly Goeslaw born?
A) Malaysia
B) Indonesia
C) Thailand
D) Singapore
  • 2. What is Melly Goeslaw's main genre of music?
A) Rock
B) Country
C) Jazz
D) Pop
  • 3. Melly Goeslaw collaborated with which Indonesian singer for the song 'Jika'?
A) Judika
B) Raisa
C) Tulus
D) Ari Lasso
  • 4. What is Melly Goeslaw's spouse's name?
A) Anto Hoed
B) Andika?
C) Cahya
D) Budi
  • 5. Which Indonesian movie soundtrack did Melly Goeslaw compose?
A) Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?
B) The Raid
C) Gie
D) Laskar Pelangi
  • 6. What instrument does Melly Goeslaw play?
A) Drums
B) Violin
C) Piano
D) Guitar
  • 7. What was the name of Melly Goeslaw's band before she pursued a solo career?
A) Cinta Laura
B) Melly & the Goeslaws
C) Potret
D) Harmoni
  • 8. Melly Goeslaw participated as a judge in which Indonesian singing competition?
A) X Factor Indonesia
B) The Voice Indonesia
C) Indonesian Idol
D) Rising Star Indonesia
  • 9. Melly Goeslaw is known for her emotional and heartfelt lyrics in which language?
A) Korean
B) Indonesian
C) Japanese
D) English
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