Warm up test 10 25
use for question 1

What is the contour interval

for the topograhy map?

A.  10 meters

B.  100 meters 

C.  300 meters

D.  20 meters

Use for question 2

2.  Which direction is the stream flowing

in the picture?

A.  North 

B.  South

C.  East

D.  West

3.  What is the large super continent called?

A.  Asia

B.  Pragna

C.  Pangaea

D.  Alfred Wegner


4.  Use the following diagrams

to answer questions 4 and 5.

4.  What type of boundary is letter A?

A.  divergent

B.  convergent

C.  transform

D.  fault line

5.  What is occuring at letter B?

A.  divergenence

B.  convergence

c.  subduction

D.  both B and C

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