Rocky Mountains
  • 1. The Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rockies, are a major mountain range in western North America. Stretching more than 3,000 miles from Canada down to New Mexico in the United States, the Rockies are known for their rugged beauty, diverse wildlife, and outdoor recreational opportunities. The mountains are a popular destination for hikers, skiers, and nature lovers, offering stunning landscapes of snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows, and crystal-clear lakes. The Rockies are also home to a variety of unique ecosystems, from dense forests to vast grasslands, providing habitat for a wide range of plant and animal species. With their towering peaks and rich natural beauty, the Rocky Mountains are truly a majestic and awe-inspiring wilderness that captivates all who visit.

    What is the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains?
A) Pikes Peak
B) Longs Peak
C) Mount Elbert
D) Grays Peak
  • 2. Which river originates in the Rocky Mountains and flows through the Grand Canyon?
A) Columbia River
B) Missouri River
C) Yellowstone River
D) Colorado River
  • 3. Where is the Rocky Mountain National Park located?
A) Colorado
B) Wyoming
C) California
D) Montana
  • 4. What type of climate is predominant in the Rocky Mountains?
A) Tropical
B) Alpine
C) Desert
D) Temperate
  • 5. Which national park in the Rockies is known for its famous Trail Ridge Road?
A) Yellowstone National Park
B) Glacier National Park
C) Banff National Park
D) Rocky Mountain National Park
  • 6. What is the main mountain range that forms a part of the Rocky Mountains?
A) Front Range
B) Cascade Range
C) Sierra Nevada
D) Appalachian Mountains
  • 7. Which wildlife species is commonly found in the Rocky Mountains?
A) Kangaroo
B) Elk
C) Dolphin
D) Polar Bear
  • 8. What is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies?
A) Yoho National Park
B) Jasper National Park
C) Banff National Park
D) Waterton Lakes National Park
  • 9. Which city is known as the 'Gateway to the Rockies'?
A) Salt Lake City
B) Denver
C) Albuquerque
D) Calgary
  • 10. What geologic era was responsible for the uplift of the Rocky Mountains?
A) Cenozoic Era
B) Paleozoic Era
C) Mesozoic Era
D) Laramide Orogeny
  • 11. In which U.S. state do the Rocky Mountains first enter the country from Canada?
A) Idaho
B) Wyoming
C) Colorado
D) Montana
  • 12. Which famous ski resort town is located in the Colorado Rockies?
A) Lake Tahoe
B) Whistler
C) Park City
D) Aspen
  • 13. Which national park in the Rockies is home to the famous Old Faithful geyser?
A) Yellowstone National Park
B) Rocky Mountain National Park
C) Grand Teton National Park
D) Glacier National Park
  • 14. Which famous American artist depicted the Rocky Mountains in his paintings?
A) Jackson Pollock
B) Georgia O'Keeffe
C) Andy Warhol
D) Albert Bierstadt
  • 15. What animal is the official state animal of Wyoming and can be found in the Rocky Mountains?
A) Moose
B) Wolf
C) Bison
D) Mountain Lion
  • 16. Which national monument located in Colorado offers stunning views of the surrounding Rockies?
A) Mount Rushmore National Monument
B) Devil's Tower National Monument
C) Petrified Forest National Monument
D) Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument
  • 17. Where are the Rocky Mountains located?
A) Europe
B) North America
C) South America
D) Asia
  • 18. Approximately how long are the Rocky Mountains?
A) 3,000 miles
B) 4,500 miles
C) 2,000 miles
D) 1,500 miles
  • 19. In which U.S. state can you find the Rocky Mountains' southernmost range?
A) New Mexico
B) Colorado
C) Wyoming
D) Montana
  • 20. What is the major economic activity in the Rocky Mountain region?
A) Textile manufacturing
B) Mining
C) Agriculture
D) Fishing
  • 21. What significant event took place in the Rocky Mountains in 1804-1806?
A) Gold Rush
B) Battle of Little Bighorn
C) Lewis and Clark Expedition
D) Transcontinental Railroad completion
  • 22. Which Canadian province borders the Rocky Mountains?
A) Ontario
B) Alberta
C) Nova Scotia
D) Quebec
  • 23. Which president established the Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915?
A) Abraham Lincoln
B) Thomas Jefferson
C) Theodore Roosevelt
D) Woodrow Wilson
  • 24. What type of forest dominates the lower elevations of the Rocky Mountains?
A) Deciduous
B) Rainforest
C) Coniferous
D) Tropical
  • 25. In which Rocky Mountain state would you find Mount Rushmore?
A) New Mexico
B) Alaska
C) South Dakota
D) Nevada
  • 26. What is the name of the famous scenic highway that runs through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado?
A) Route 66
B) Trail Ridge Road
C) Pacific Coast Highway
D) Sunset Boulevard
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