Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant
  • 1. When did Ulysses S. Grant become the 18th President of the United States?
A) 1869
B) 1882
C) 1873
D) 1865
  • 2. Which war did Ulysses S. Grant lead Union forces to victory in before becoming president?
A) World War I
B) Vietnam War
C) Revolutionary War
D) Civil War
  • 3. Grant's administration was known for its focus on what policy in the South?
A) Expansionism
B) Imperialism
C) Reconstruction
D) Isolationism
  • 4. During Grant's presidency, which amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, granting African Americans citizenship and equal protection under the law?
A) 16th
B) 14th
C) 15th
D) 13th
  • 5. What political party was Grant affiliated with during his presidency?
A) Democratic
B) Whig
C) Republican
D) Green
  • 6. Grant signed a bill creating which national park, the first one in the United States, during his presidency?
A) Grand Canyon
B) Yellowstone
C) Yosemite
D) Great Smoky Mountains
  • 7. What is the title of Ulysses S. Grant's memoir?
A) Commander-in-Chief
B) My Life and Times
C) Presidential Reflections
D) Personal Memoirs
  • 8. Which of the following territories were acquired by the U.S. during Grant's presidency?
A) Puerto Rico
B) Philippines
C) Alaska
D) Hawaii
  • 9. During Grant's presidency, the United States and which country agreed to the Treaty of Washington to settle disputes related to the American Civil War?
A) Germany
B) Spain
C) France
D) Great Britain
  • 10. What nickname was Grant commonly known by during his military career and presidency?
A) Sharpshooter
B) Iron Fist
C) Mad Dog
D) Unconditional Surrender
  • 11. Which major event took place during Grant's presidency that led to the Panic of 1873, a severe economic depression?
A) Haymarket Riot
B) Battle of Little Bighorn
C) Black Friday
D) Great Chicago Fire
  • 12. Who was the Democratic candidate that Grant defeated in the 1868 presidential election?
A) Lewis Cass
B) Samuel Tilden
C) James Garfield
D) Horatio Seymour
  • 13. In 1876, Grant signed the Resumption Act which aimed to stabilize what in the United States?
A) Trade
B) Currency
C) Immigration
D) Labor Relations
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