• 1. Association between mycobiont and phycobiont are found in
A) root
B) lichens
C) None of the above
  • 2. Common example of red algae is
A) Porphyra
B) Ectocarpus
C) Both (a) and (b)
D) Batrachospermum
  • 3. If percentage of cytosine is 18 % , then percentage of adenine will be
A) 36 %
B) 23 %
C) 64 %
D) 32 %
  • 4. Eustachian tubes connects
A) external ear with internal ear
B) Pharynx with middle ear
C) middle ear with internal ear
D) middle ear with external ear
  • 5. How many different types of gametes will be produced by a plant having the genotypes AABbCC ?
B) Four
D) two
  • 6. Apoplastic movement of water in plants occur through
A) Casparian strips
B) Plasma membrane
C) Plasmodesmata
D) Cell walls
  • 7. Gynaecomstia is a common feature seen in
A) Down's syndrome
B) Cystic fibrsis
C) Turner's syndrome
D) Klinefelter's syndrome
  • 8. Which of the following is an opioid drug ?
A) Mrijuana
B) Cocaine
C) Heroin
D) Hashish
  • 9. Which of the following is an exclusive character of class Mammalia
A) Homiothermy
B) Internal fertilization
C) Presence of a muscular diaphragm
D) Presence of a 4 - chambered heart
  • 10. Venous heart is found in
A) reptiles
B) birds
C) Amphibians
D) fishes
  • 11. If medulla oblongata is destroyed then wchich of the following function will be effected ?
A) No thermoregulation
B) No response when prickled with needle
C) No memory
D) No vision
  • 12. The opening between the right atrium and the right ventricle is gaurded by which valve ?
A) Bicuspid valve
B) Semilunar valve
C) Mitral valve
D) Tricuspid valve
  • 13. The "cri-du-chat" syndrome is caused by change in chromosome structure involving :-
A) inversion
B) duplication
C) Deletion
D) translocation
  • 14. In which of the following would you exept to find glyoxysomes?
A) Palisade cells in leaf
B) Endosperm of castor
C) Root hairs
D) Endosperm of wheat
  • 15. One of the ex situ conservation methods for endangered species is :-
A) Biosphere reserves
B) National Parks
C) Cryopreservation
D) Wildlife santuaries
  • 16. The fleshy fruits with hard and stony endocarp are called :-
A) pome
B) Drupe
C) Berry
D) pepo
  • 17. Which of the following statements are correct about the forewings in cockroach :-
A) They are mesothoracic
B) All
C) They are not used in flight
D) They are opaque, dark & leathery
  • 18. How many ovarioles present in each ovary of cockroach
A) 4
B) 8
C) 13
D) 11
  • 19. Which method can be used for women that cannot produce ovum but can provide suitable enviornment ?
  • 20. Preparation of sperm before penetration of ovum is
A) spermiogenesis
B) capacitation
C) spermiation
D) cortical reaction
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