• 1. Which river is considered the cradle of Chinese civilization?
A) Yellow River
B) Nile River
C) Ganges River
D) Mekong River
  • 2. What is the traditional Chinese art of paper folding called?
A) Feng Shui
B) Origami
C) Ikebana
D) Calligraphy
  • 3. What is the official language of China?
A) Hokkien
B) Cantonese
C) Shanghainese
D) Mandarin
  • 4. Which Chinese dynasty is often considered the golden age of Chinese civilization?
A) Ming Dynasty
B) Han Dynasty
C) Tang Dynasty
D) Qing Dynasty
  • 5. Which Chinese city is famous for its Giant Panda Research Base?
A) Beijing
B) Chengdu
C) Guangzhou
D) Shanghai
  • 6. What is the traditional Chinese practice of inserting fine needles into the body to relieve pain or promote healing?
A) Herbalism
B) Ayurveda
C) Acupuncture
D) Aromatherapy
  • 7. Which Chinese philosopher is known for the concept of the Mandate of Heaven?
A) Mencius
B) Laozi
C) Confucius
D) Sun Tzu
  • 8. Which iconic structure in Beijing is a symbol of China?
A) Great Wall
B) Terracotta Army
C) Temple of Heaven
D) Forbidden City
  • 9. Which Chinese martial art form involves slow, flowing movements and is often practiced for health benefits?
A) Kung Fu
B) Ba Gua Zhang
C) Wing Chun
D) Tai Chi
  • 10. In Chinese culture, which color is associated with good luck and happiness?
A) White
B) Red
C) Black
D) Yellow
  • 11. Which Chinese philosopher is associated with the concept of yin and yang?
A) Laozi
B) Confucius
C) Mencius
D) Sun Tzu
  • 12. Which Chinese province is known as the 'Land of Plenty' due to its abundance of food and natural resources?
A) Zhejiang
B) Sichuan
C) Jiangsu
D) Hebei
  • 13. Which Chinese zodiac animal represents the year 2022?
A) Rabbit
B) Tiger
C) Dragon
D) Monkey
  • 14. What is the traditional Chinese tea ceremony called?
A) Chado
B) Matcha
C) Teaism
D) Gongfu Cha
  • 15. Which Chinese river is the world's third-longest river?
A) Yangtze River
B) Pearl River
C) Huai River
D) Yellow River
  • 16. What is the traditional Chinese practice of arranging spaces to promote positive energy flow?
A) Acupuncture
B) Kung Fu
C) Feng Shui
D) Tai Chi
  • 17. Which Chinese director won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for the movie 'Farewell My Concubine'?
A) Zhang Yimou
B) Wong Kar-wai
C) Chen Kaige
D) Ang Lee
  • 18. What is the traditional Chinese board game that requires players to surround their opponent's pieces?
A) Weiqi
B) Go
C) Mahjong
D) Xiangqi
  • 19. What is the capital city of China?
A) Guangzhou
B) Chengdu
C) Beijing
D) Shanghai
  • 20. Which Chinese festival celebrates the lunar new year?
A) Qingming Festival
B) Dragon Boat Festival
C) Mid-Autumn Festival
D) Spring Festival
  • 21. Which Chinese invention played a significant role in global trade?
A) Compass
B) Paper
C) Silk
D) Gunpowder
  • 22. In which year did Hong Kong return to Chinese sovereignty?
A) 2007
B) 1987
C) 1997
D) 2017
  • 23. Which Chinese landmark is also known as the 'Forbidden City'?
A) Potala Palace
B) The Palace Museum
C) Temple of Heaven
D) Terracotta Army
  • 24. Which Chinese dish consists of noodles, vegetables, and sometimes meat or seafood?
A) Dim Sum
B) Hot Pot
C) Chow Mein
D) Peking Duck
  • 25. What is the name of the traditional Chinese dumpling filled with ground meat and vegetables?
A) Baozi
B) Jiaozi
C) Wonton
D) Shumai
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