Javanese Ramayana Ballet
  • 1. Where is the Javanese Ramayana Ballet traditionally performed?
A) Bali
B) Prambanan Temple
C) Jakarta
D) Borobudur Temple
  • 2. What type of performance art is the Javanese Ramayana Ballet?
A) Opera
B) Dance-drama
C) Puppetry
D) Shadow play
  • 3. In the Ramayana, who is Rama's loyal brother?
A) Hanuman
B) Kumbhakarna
C) Bharata
D) Lakshmana
  • 4. Which goddess does Ravana capture in the Ramayana?
A) Draupadi
B) Lakshmi
C) Sita
D) Parvati
  • 5. Which character in the Ramayana is known for his strength and loyalty to Rama?
A) Hanuman
B) Jambavan
C) Angada
D) Sugriva
  • 6. Who is known as the ten-headed demon king in the Ramayana?
A) Indrajit
B) Mandodari
C) Kumbhakarna
D) Ravana
  • 7. What is the name of Ravana's flying chariot in the Ramayana?
A) Pegasus
B) Pushpaka Vimana
C) Garuda
D) Sleipnir
  • 8. Which war takes place between Rama's army and Ravana's army in the Ramayana?
A) Lanka War
B) Kurukshetra War
C) Trojan War
D) Troy War
  • 9. Who is the author of the Ramayana?
A) Vyasa
B) Veda Vyasa
C) Valmiki
D) Tulsidas
  • 10. Which kingdom did Rama belong to in the Ramayana?
A) Kishkindha
B) Mathura
C) Hastinapura
D) Ayodhya
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