Egypt Old Kingdom
  • 1. What is the primary construction material used in the pyramids of the Old Kingdom?
A) Limestone
B) Granite
C) Sandstone
D) Marble
  • 2. What was the capital city of Egypt during the Old Kingdom?
A) Thebes
B) Memphis
C) Giza
D) Luxor
  • 3. Which pharaoh is known for building the Great Pyramid at Giza?
A) Khufu
B) Hatshepsut
C) Ramses II
D) Tutankhamun
  • 4. What was the purpose of the pyramids in the Old Kingdom?
A) Observatories
B) Government offices
C) Temples for worship
D) Tombs for pharaohs
  • 5. Which god was associated with the pharaoh's role in maintaining order and justice?
A) Anubis
B) Ra
C) Osiris
D) Ma'at
  • 6. Who was the pharaoh associated with the step pyramid at Saqqara?
A) Akhenaten
B) Djoser
C) Cleopatra
D) Snefru
  • 7. Which title did the ancient Egyptians use for their king?
A) Emperor
B) Pharaoh
C) Caesar
D) Sultan
  • 8. What was the name of the solar deity worshiped during the Old Kingdom?
A) Horus
B) Set
C) Isis
D) Ra
  • 9. What is the term for an artificial mound used as a tomb in ancient Egypt?
A) Obelisk
B) Barrow
C) Serpent Mound
D) Mastaba
  • 10. During which dynasty did the Old Kingdom period begin?
A) Eighteenth Dynasty
B) Fourth Dynasty
C) First Dynasty
D) Third Dynasty
  • 11. What system of writing did the ancient Egyptians use during the Old Kingdom?
A) Alphabet
B) Pictograms
C) Hieroglyphics
D) Cuneiform
  • 12. The term 'pharaoh' translates to what in English?
A) Land of the Dead
B) Royal Scribe
C) God-King
D) Great House
  • 13. Which pharaoh is famous for the stone statue known as the 'Great Sphinx'?
A) Akhenaten
B) Khafre
C) Seti I
D) Thutmose III
  • 14. Which Old Kingdom pharaoh is believed to have built a massive pyramid that is now known as the 'Bent Pyramid'?
A) Khufu
B) Hatshepsut
C) Akhenaten
D) Sneferu
  • 15. What is the name of the ancient Egyptian funerary text that guides the deceased through the afterlife?
A) Rosetta Stone
B) Pyramid Texts
C) Book of the Dead
D) Pyramidion
  • 16. Where was the first pyramid of the Old Kingdom built?
A) Abydos
B) Giza
C) Saqqara
D) Luxor
  • 17. The Old Kingdom is also known as the 'Age of ________.'
A) Pharaohs
B) Pyramids
C) Hieroglyphs
D) Mummies
  • 18. What type of government ruled Egypt during the Old Kingdom?
A) Democracy
B) Monarchy
C) Oligarchy
D) Republic
  • 19. Which river was vital for the success of the Old Kingdom civilization?
A) Nile
B) Indus
C) Euphrates
D) Tigris
  • 20. Who was the vizier of Djoser and considered the architect of the Step Pyramid?
A) Nefertiti
B) Cleopatra
C) Ramses II
D) Imhotep
  • 21. What was the title of the ruler of a nome in the Old Kingdom?
A) Vizier
B) Nomarch
C) Pharaoh
D) Scribe
  • 22. Who was considered the god of the dead in Old Kingdom Egypt?
A) Ra
B) Horus
C) Anubis
D) Osiris
  • 23. Who is credited with unifying Upper and Lower Egypt to form the first Egyptian dynasty?
A) Akhenaten
B) Thutmose III
C) Narmer
D) Hatshepsut
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