The French Revolution
  • 1. Who was the king of France during the French Revolution?
A) Marie Antoinette
B) Louis XIV
C) Louis XVI
D) Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 2. Which event marked the beginning of the French Revolution?
A) Storming of the Bastille
B) Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
C) Execution of Marie Antoinette
D) Reign of Terror
  • 3. What was the main cause of the French Revolution?
A) Foreign invasions
B) Political corruption
C) Religious conflicts
D) Economic inequality
  • 4. What was the slogan of the French Revolution?
A) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
B) Equality for All
C) Revolution or Chaos
D) Liberty or Death
  • 5. Who led the radical faction known as the Jacobins during the Revolution?
A) Georges Danton
B) Napoleon Bonaparte
C) Jean-Paul Marat
D) Maximilien Robespierre
  • 6. Which event symbolized the end of the Reign of Terror?
A) Execution of Robespierre
B) Coup d'etat of Napoleon
C) Storming of the Bastille
D) Signing of the Treaty of Amiens
  • 7. The Directory was replaced by which form of government in France?
A) The National Convention
B) The Consulate
C) The Estates General
D) The Committee of Public Safety
  • 8. What was the goal of the Congress of Vienna in 1815?
A) Dismantle the British Empire
B) Create a pan-European union
C) Redraw the borders of France
D) Restore stability and order in Europe after the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
  • 9. Who became the first Emperor of France following the French Revolution?
A) Robespierre
B) Louis XVIII
C) Napoleon Bonaparte
D) Louis Philippe
  • 10. Which battle marked Napoleon's final defeat?
A) Battle of Austerlitz
B) Battle of Borodino
C) Battle of Waterloo
D) Battle of Trafalgar
  • 11. Which group led the radical phase of the French Revolution and carried out the Reign of Terror?
A) Jacobins
B) Feuillants
C) Girondins
D) Monarchists
  • 12. What was the name of the legislative body that governed France during the radical phase of the Revolution?
A) Consulate
B) National Convention
C) National Assembly
D) Estates General
  • 13. Who wrote the famous novel 'Les Miserables,' set against the backdrop of the French Revolution?
A) Charles Dickens
B) Victor Hugo
C) Gustave Flaubert
D) Alexandre Dumas
  • 14. What was the significance of the Tennis Court Oath during the French Revolution?
A) Execution of the King
B) Declaration of war on Austria
C) Pledge by the National Assembly to draft a new constitution for France
D) Abolition of the monarchy
  • 15. Which city served as the capital of revolutionary France during the Reign of Terror?
A) Paris
B) Versailles
C) Marseille
D) Lyon
  • 16. Who famously said 'Let them eat cake' during the French Revolution?
A) Queen Victoria
B) Marie Antoinette
C) Catherine the Great
D) Empress Josephine
  • 17. When did the French Revolution begin?
A) 1804
B) 1789
C) 1848
D) 1776
  • 18. Who was the leader of the Girondins faction in the National Convention?
A) Georges Danton
B) Jean-Paul Marat
C) Camille Desmoulins
D) Jacques Pierre Brissot
  • 19. Which European country declared war on France in 1792, escalating the French Revolution into a larger conflict?
A) Austria
B) Russia
C) Britain
D) Spain
  • 20. Who famously led a slave rebellion in Saint-Domingue during the French Revolution?
A) Camille Desmoulins
B) Georges Danton
C) Toussaint Louverture
D) Louis XVII
  • 21. Who famously wrote 'The Social Contract' that influenced revolutionary thought in France?
A) Diderot
B) Montesquieu
C) Jean-Jacques Rousseau
D) Voltaire
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