Basic Science Assignment for Year 9
  • 1. Moment is measured in _
A) M
B) S
C) J
D) Nm
  • 2. The ability of a force to make an object turn depends on _ factors
A) Four
B) Two
C) Five
D) Three
  • 3. One of the following is a defect of vision
A) Binocular vision
B) Myopia
C) Persistent vision
D) Eyebrow
  • 4. _ is a form of energy referred to as electromagnetic radiation
A) Kinetic
B) Sound
C) Potential
D) Light
  • 5. A person applies a force of 7N and moves a crate 3m. This takes the person 9 seconds. What is the power of the person?
A) 189W
B) 6W
C) 4.3W
D) 2.3W
  • 6. Speed is a _ quantity
A) Density
B) Fundamental
C) Voltage
D) Derived
  • 7. One of the following is a derived quantity
A) Temperature
B) Time
C) Area
D) Mass
  • 8. Excretion helps to maintain water balance in the body
A) No idea
B) False
C) Impossible
D) True
  • 9. _ changes in man can be either temporary or permanent
A) Growth
B) Height
C) Developmental
D) Weight
  • 10. Fast gain in weight and height is a characteristic of an _
A) Child
B) Adolescent
C) Adult
D) Infant
  • 11. The excretory organ of an amoeba is _
A) Nephridia
B) Green glands
C) Contractile vacuole
D) Flame cell
  • 12. The waste products of gills are _
A) Carbondioxide, water and urea
B) Bile salts
C) Sweat,ammonia salts
D) Hormones
  • 13. What is the excretory organ of flowering plant?
A) Skin and liver
B) Stomata and lenticel
C) Leaves and stems
D) Kidney and lungs
  • 14. Plasma is the liquid part of the _
A) Body
B) Blood
C) Skin
D) Cells
  • 15. _ are blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to all parts of the body except pulmonary arteries
A) Blood
B) Arteries
C) Veins
D) Capillaries
  • 16. The spinal cord is a soft _
A) Vessel
B) Tissue
C) Muscle
D) Skin
  • 17. What provides the connection between the brain, spinal cord and the entire body?
A) Central nervous system
B) Middle nervous system
C) Fore nervous system
D) Peripheral nervous system
  • 18. Iron ore are rich in iron _
A) Ammonia
B) Oxides
C) Hydrides
D) Chlorides
  • 19. What is used to make coins?
A) Bronze
B) Brass
C) Steel
D) Solder
  • 20. How many isotopes of hydrogen do we have?
A) 6
B) 5
C) 4
D) 3
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