Easter Island: Mysteries of the Moai Statues
  • 1. What is the main island where the Moai statues are located?
A) Galapagos Islands
B) Easter Island
C) Hawaii
D) Tahiti
  • 2. What is the name of the stone statues on Easter Island?
A) Monolith
B) Totem
C) Obelisk
D) Moai
  • 3. Which civilization created the Moai statues?
A) Mayans
B) Aztecs
C) Rapa Nui
D) Incas
  • 4. How were the Moai statues transported across the island?
A) Walking
B) Dragged on logs
C) Teleportation
D) By boat
  • 5. What does the name 'Moai' mean in the Rapa Nui language?
A) Statue
B) Sun
C) Mountain
D) God
  • 6. What year did the first Europeans arrive on Easter Island?
A) 1799
B) 1722
C) 1492
D) 1588
  • 7. What is the name of the largest Moai statue ever moved to an Ahu (platform)?
A) Rano
B) Tonga
C) Paro
D) Hiro
  • 8. What is the name of the volcanic crater that provided the stone for many Moai statues?
A) Maunga Terevaka
B) Poike
C) Terevaka Rano
D) Rano Raraku
  • 9. What is the name of the birdman cult that emerged after the decline of the Moai culture?
A) Moku Hui
B) Tangata Manu
C) Mana Hune
D) Uka Paa
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