Basic Technology MockTest for JSS 3
  • 1. Which of the following instruments is used for setting sheet on the drawing board?
A) Tee square
B) Steel rule
C) Set square
D) Divider
  • 2. A trapezium is also known as ____
A) Quadrilateral
B) Triangle
C) Sphere
D) Polygon
  • 3. The instrument used by surveyor in establishing the levelness of a building site is known as _____
A) Dumpy level
B) Theodolite
C) Spirit level
D) Try square
  • 4. Reading of building plan means _____
A) Identification and Interpreting building parts
B) Rendering of the building
C) Labelling the building
D) construction of building
  • 5. A quadrilateral with all sides equal but no right angle is called _____
A) Square
B) Cube
C) Rectangle
D) Rhombus
  • 6. Which of the following is not a quadrilateral?
A) Rectangle
B) Triangle
C) Parallelogram
D) Trapezium
  • 7. The initial attention given to an accident victim before the arrival of the doctor is known as _____
A) Precautionary attention
B) First aid attention
C) Emergency precaution
D) Safety precaution
  • 8. The basic function of a thermostat in an electric fan is to ____
A) switch on/off the fan when necessary due to room temperature
B) Regulate the speed
C) Control the noise
D) Control the temperature
  • 9. _____ is used to convert sound energy to electrical energy
A) Radio transmitter
B) Radio receiver
C) Loud speaker
D) Microphone
  • 10. _____ is used to convert electrical energy to sound energy
A) Radio receiver
B) Microphone
C) Loud speaker
D) Radio transmitter
  • 11. The electricity at high voltage is referred to as ____
A) high flow current
B) low tension supply
C) low flow current
D) high tension supply
  • 12. ______ is the change of a liquid state to solid state and to gas state
A) Evaporation
B) Freezing
C) Melting
D) Sublimation
  • 13. The substances that evaporate quickly are called _____
A) refrigerant substances
B) volatile substances
C) freon substances
D) non-volatile substances
  • 14. Refrigerator can be maintained in the following ways EXCEPT ____
A) defrosting regularly
B) keeping the door firmly closed
C) putting hot food for cooling
D) arranging food items properly for air circulation
  • 15. The following are the properties of refrigerant EXCEPT ____
A) highly corrosive
B) volatile
C) non corrosive
D) low boiling point
  • 16. _____ is the extraction of heat from the food items to be refrigerated
A) Evaporation
B) Refrigeration
C) Freezer
D) Condensation
  • 17. A form of energy that can produce light, heat, and power for machines is known as _____
A) mechanical energy
B) kinetic energy
C) electricity
D) sound energy
  • 18. The S.I unit of current is ____
A) Ampere
B) Volts
C) Ohms
D) meter per seconds
  • 19. The following are the mechanisms that make use of electric motors for their operations EXCEPT ____
A) Refrigerator
B) Loud speaker
C) Blender
D) Grinder
  • 20. The process of uprooting all the roots of the trees from the ground completely is called _______
A) Excavation
B) Rooting
C) Leveling
D) Grubbing
  • 21. Which of these is a technology related career?
A) Political Science
B) Law
C) Civil Engineering
D) Accountancy
  • 22. Which of these is not a typical maintenance?
A) Corrective
B) Replacement
C) Preventive
D) Predictive
  • 23. Alloy is a metal that
A) has mixture of tin or more metals
B) has iron content
C) is non magnetic
D) is magnetic
  • 24. The two types of plastic are
A) latex and polythene
B) polyplastic and thermoset
C) thermoplastic and thermoset
D) polyesther and polyplastic
  • 25. Which of the following furnaces produces ‘pig iron’?
A) Bessemer converter
B) Open heart furnace
C) Blast furnace
D) Electric arc furnace
  • 26. Which of the following is NOT a reason for drying wood?
A) It makes wood to increase in weight
B) It makes wood to be durable
C) It makes wood more stable
D) It makes wood to be stronger
  • 27. Natural rubber is made from a milky liquid called
A) Latex
B) Solution
C) Electrolyte
D) Plasticine
  • 28. The type of drawing which shows the plan, front and side view is known as
A) orthographic projection
B) freehand drawing
C) isometric drawing
D) oblique drawing
  • 29. The two types of electrical currents are
A) Natural and Artificial
B) Direct and Alternating
C) Direct and Indirect
D) Hydro and Coal power
  • 30. The process of splitting logs of wood into marketable sizes is called
A) Cutting
B) Conversion
C) Plane
D) Nailing
  • 31. Mechanized process in technology refers to
A) the use of hand tools for working
B) mass production of goods
C) servicing of machines
D) the use of machines for working
  • 32. In an oblique drawing, the slanting sides are generally drawn at angle _____
A) 60 degree
B) 90 degree
C) 45 degree
D) 30 degree
  • 33. In an isometric drawing, the slanting sides are generally drawn at angle _____
A) 60 degree
B) 90 degree
C) 30 degree
D) 45 degree
  • 34. The following are methods of processing plastic EXCEPT
A) Compression moulding
B) Thermoplasting
C) Injection moulding
D) Extrusion moulding
  • 35. The main function of foundation in a building is to
A) protect the building from high wind
B) support the roof of the building
C) carry the weight of the occupants
D) distribute the weight of the building to the soil
  • 36. The process of applying chemicals on wood to prevent insect and fungi attack is
A) Laminated board
B) cardboard
C) Plywood
D) Particle board
  • 37. The process of applying chemicals on wood to prevent insect and fungi attack is
A) Wood saving
B) Wood cleaning
C) Wood purity
D) Wood preservation
  • 38. A regular polygon with six sides is called
A) Octagon
B) Hexagon
C) Pentagon
D) Nonagon
  • 39. The primary voltage of a transformer is 120 volts and its primary coil has 270 turns. Calculate the output voltage, if the secondary coil has 180 turns
A) 180 volts
B) 80 volts
C) 120 volts
D) 60 volts
  • 40. Which of the following components does not operate at low frequency transmission?
A) Generator
B) Radio transmitter
C) Transformer
D) Feeder pillar
  • 41. The process of transferring building plan in full size to the ground is called
A) Excavation
B) Foundation
C) Site preparation
D) Setting out
  • 42. As marking-out tool, a small table with a flat surface which is used to test whether other surfaces are flat enough or not is known as _______
A) Hot plate
B) Surface plate
C) Scriber
D) Anvil
  • 43. In site preparation, a typical hand tool used for felling trees and cutting them into smaller lengths is called ______
A) Cutlass
B) Axe
C) Chain saw
D) Hack saw
  • 44. How many poles has a bar magnet?
A) 2
B) 1
C) 3
D) 4
  • 45. Which of the following is a measuring tool?
A) Hack saw
B) File
C) Hammer
D) Vernier callipers
  • 46. Which of the following lines is used for centre line?
A) Short dashes
B) Thin continuous wavy line
C) Thin long chain
D) Thick long chain
  • 47. Which of the following is not a non-ferrous metal?
A) Aluminium
B) Copper
C) Zinc
D) Wrought iron
  • 48. An area of the circle bounded by an arc and a straight line called the chord is known as _____
A) Diameter
B) Quadrant
C) Sector
D) Segment
  • 49. Which of the following triangle has none of its sides equal in length?
A) Right-angled
B) Isosceles
C) Scalene
D) Equilateral
  • 50. An electronic device which offers opposition to the flow of electric current in a circuit is known as ______
A) capacitor
B) conductor
C) resistor
D) insulator
  • 51. An insulating medium through which a capacitor stores electric charges is called ______
A) di-electric
B) cell
C) plates
D) capacitance
  • 52. An electrical instrument used to measure resistance is known as _______
A) Wattmeter
B) Voltmeter
C) Ammeter
D) Ohmeter
  • 53. Which of the following is not a state of matter?
A) Solid
B) Temperature
C) Gas
D) Liquid
  • 54. The house and appliances are protected against possible fire out-break that could arise from faulty electrical equipment by installing _______
A) Transformer
B) Circuit breaker and fuses
C) Watt-hour meter
D) Stabilizer
  • 55. A generator with an input power of 3400W supplies electricity at 220V and 13A. What is the efficiency of the generator?
A) 100%
B) 54%
C) 84%
D) 62%
  • 56. Identify this object
A) A.C Motor
B) Electric fan
C) Refrigerator
D) Electric pressing iron
  • 57. The following object is classified as ____ tool
A) cutting
B) measuring
C) setting out
D) riveting
  • 58. The following object is classified as ____ tool
A) measuring
B) cutting
C) Knocking
D) driving
  • 59. The following object can be used for _____
A) setting out
B) cutting
C) measuring
D) driving
  • 60. Identify this object
A) Hack saw
B) Set square
C) Try square
D) Hammer
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