Immigration & Industrialization Matching
__1. Alexander Graham BellA. This inventor was experimenting for years, when he "accident
__2. Andrew CarnegieB. Made most of his money in the steel industry.
__3. John D. RockefellerC. Richest man in American history and a robber baron.
__4. Thomas EdisonD. This inventor received more than 1000 patents in his career.
__5. CorporationA. A person who owns part of a company through stock ownership.
__6. IndustryB. Holding stock in many companies, often same industry.
__7. MonopolyC. A general category of business.
__8. Robber BaronD. A business owned by shareholders.
__9. ShareholderE. Wiping out competition to take over an entire industry.
__10. TrustF. Someone who uses dishonest methods to make money.
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