Ratios and Rates
In a recent NFL season, the Miami Dolphins won
4 games and the Oakland Raiders won 5 games.
What is the ratio of wins for the Dolphins to
wins for the Raiders?
5 to 4
Jose has 10 rosebushes, 2 of which produce yellow
roses. Write the ratio 2 yellow rosebushes out of
10 rosebushes in simplest form.
2 to 10
5 to 1
Maria and Lisa played 20 sets of tennis. Maria won 12
of them. Write the ratio of Maria's wins to the total
number of sets in simplest form.
12 to 20
5 to 3
20 to 12
Oscar is 16 years old and his sister Julia is 12
years old. What will the ratio of Oscar's age to
Julia's age be in two years?
12 to 16
14 to 18
Four friends paid a total of $32 for movie tickets.
What is the unit rate for 1 movie ticket?
$6 per ticket
$8 per ticket
$7 per ticket
$5 per ticket
At a warehouse, the employees can unload 18 trucks
in 6 hours. What is the unit rate for unloading the
trucks in 1 hour?
2 hours per truck
3 hours per truck
2.5 hours per  truck
1 hour per truck
30 miles per hour
31 miles per hour
A reindeer can run 96 miles in 3 hours. At this rate,
how far can a reindeer run in 1 hour?
42 miles per hour
32 miles per hour
Jenny wants to buy cereal that comes in large and
small boxes. The 32-ounce box costs $4.16, and
the 14-ounce box costs $2.38. Which box is less
expensive per ounce?
The 32oz. box is less expensive
The 14oz. box is less expensive
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