Christianity in Medieval Scotland
  • 1. Which famous monastic settlement was founded by St. Columba on the island of Iona?
A) Iona Abbey
B) Melrose Abbey
C) Dunfermline Abbey
D) St. Andrews Cathedral
  • 2. What event marked the decline of the Celtic Church in Scotland and the growing influence of the Roman Church?
A) Synod of Whitby
B) Battle of Bannockburn
C) Treaty of Falaise
D) Declaration of Arbroath
  • 3. The establishment of universities such as St. Andrews and Glasgow in Medieval Scotland was closely linked to the spread of:
A) Feudalism
B) Chivalry
C) Christianity
D) Trade
  • 4. Which religious order built the famous Melrose Abbey in the Scottish Borders in the 12th century?
A) Cistercians
B) Dominicans
C) Carthusians
D) Jesuits
  • 5. Which Scottish reformer played a key role in the Scottish Reformation movement that aimed to challenge Catholic practices in Scotland?
A) Patrick Hamilton
B) Andrew Melville
C) George Wishart
D) John Knox
  • 6. Who famously composed the Scottish hymn 'Auld Lang Syne', a reflection of his Christian beliefs and values?
A) Robert Burns
B) Sir Walter Scott
C) Mary, Queen of Scots
D) Adam Smith
  • 7. Which 14th-century Scottish theologian is celebrated for his works on the nature of God and faith, influencing Christian thought in the late Middle Ages?
A) John Duns Scotus
B) William of Ockham
C) Gregory Palamas
D) Thomas Aquinas
  • 8. The Declaration of Arbroath, drafted in 1320, expressed Scotland's support for the independence of the Scottish Church from the interference of which country?
A) Italy
B) England
C) France
D) Spain
  • 9. Which Scottish queen was known for her strong Catholic faith and the persecution of Protestants in the mid-16th century?
A) Mary I of England
B) Mary of Guise
C) Mary of Modena
D) Mary, Queen of Scots
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