Test Q1: Matching
__1. AbioticA. Has life
__2. BiologyB. Without Life
__3. BioticC. The study of life
__4. EuglenaD. A living thing
__5. HabitatE. an inherited characteristic of an organism
__6. MutlicellularF. Where an organism lives
__7. OrganismG. An organism with many cells
__8. ParameciumH. A organism with one cell
__9. TraitsI. moves by cilia
__10. UnicellularJ. moves by flagella
__11. AsexualA. A group of closely related organisms
__12. ChaetaeB. short hair-like extensions for moving
__13. CiliaC. A group of organisms that can reproduce fertile offspring
__14. FlagellaD. small gripping hairs for moving a worm
__15. GenusE. long whip-like tail for moving
__16. OrganelleF. a structure of a cell with a specific function
__17. ParthenogenesisG. self fertilization as a survival mechanism
__18. PseudopodH. reproduction without sharing genetic information
__19. SpeciesI. moves by rolling from flagella whipping
__20. VolvoxJ. a false foot used for moving and eating
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