Greece and the Olympics (SS3H1a-c)
  • 1. When and where were the first Olympic Games held?
A) in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece
B) in Olympia Greece
C) in 776 BC in Americus, Georgia
D) in 776 AD
  • 2. How often are the Olympics held?
A) every fourteen years
B) every year
C) every two years
D) every four years
  • 3. Why were the Olypics held?
A) to honor the Greek goddess, Athena
B) to honor the Greek god, Zeus
C) to honor the women in Greece
D) to honor the animals in Greece
  • 4. Greece was made up of
A) different columsn
B) different islands
C) different city-states
D) different games
  • 5. What was the purpose of each city-state?
A) Their leaders had control over the government.
B) Everyone worked at home.
C) They didn't go to school.
D) They had control over their own govenments.
  • 6. What did the winner of the Olympics receive?
A) an olive branch
B) a crown
C) a ribbon
D) a trophy
  • 7. Who competes in the Olympics now?
A) people living in the city-states
B) people from around the world
C) people from Greece
D) people from the U.S
  • 8. In ancient Greece, were women allowed to participate or watch the Olympics?
A) no
B) yes
  • 9. Which did Olympic winners NOT get?
A) money
B) a trophy
C) an olive branch
  • 10. Greek Olympic games included
A) tree climbing
B) foot races
C) fishing
D) basketball
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