Constantine V
  • 1. When did Constantine V reign as Byzantine Emperor?
A) 601–618
B) 1050–1080
C) 741–775
D) 1300–1325
  • 2. Constantine V is known for being a strong supporter of which religious stance?
A) Monotheism
B) Polytheism
C) Manichaeism
D) Iconoclasm
  • 3. Which dynasty did Constantine V belong to?
A) Macedonian
B) Angelos
C) Isaurian
D) Komnenos
  • 4. What was the title Constantine V held within the Byzantine Empire?
A) Duke
B) King
C) Prince
D) Emperor
  • 5. Constantine V assumed the throne after the death of his father. Who was his father?
A) Basil II
B) Justinian I
C) Leo III
D) Theodosius I
  • 6. Constantine V's policies toward the military and economy were characterized by which approach?
A) Decentralization
B) Centralization
C) Privatization
D) Isolation
  • 7. Who succeeded Constantine V as Byzantine Emperor?
A) Justinian II
B) Theodosius II
C) Leo IV
D) Constantine VI
  • 8. Constantine V was the son of Leo III and which Empress?
A) Irene
B) Theodora
C) Maria
D) Anna
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