Martin Luther
  • 1. In which century did Martin Luther live?
A) 15th century
B) 16th century
C) 17th century
D) 18th century
  • 2. Where was Martin Luther born?
A) France
B) Spain
C) Italy
D) Germany
  • 3. Martin Luther is known for initiating the...
A) Protestant Reformation
B) Renaissance
C) Scientific Revolution
D) French Revolution
  • 4. Who was the pope during Martin Luther's time?
A) Julius II
B) Leo X
C) Innocent VIII
D) Clement VII
  • 5. What language did Martin Luther translate the Bible into?
A) Latin
B) Spanish
C) English
D) German
  • 6. Which holy sacrament did Martin Luther emphasize through his doctrine?
A) Confirmation
B) Reconciliation
C) Eucharist
D) Baptism
  • 7. Which city served as Martin Luther's home base during the Reformation?
A) Geneva
B) London
C) Wittenberg
D) Rome
  • 8. What literary genre did Martin Luther contribute to besides theological works?
A) Poetry
B) Hymns
C) Plays
D) Novels
  • 9. Who was Martin Luther's wife?
A) Katharina von Bora
B) Elizabeth I
C) Mary Tudor
D) Anne Boleyn
  • 10. What was the name of the meeting where Martin Luther was tried by the Catholic Church for his teachings?
A) Synod of Whitby
B) Council of Constance
C) Council of Trent
D) Diet of Worms
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