TAKS Objective 5 8th Grade Math

1)  A spinner and a fair number cube are used in a

    game.  The spinner has an equal chance of

    landing on 1 of 4 colors: red, blue, yellow,

    or green.  The faces of the cube are labeled

    1 through 6.  What is the probability of a

    player spinning the color red and then rolling

    a 5 or 6?

A.  3/10
B.   1/8
C.  1/12
D.   1/24

4)  A retail store had total sales of $436, $650,

    $530, $500, $650, $489, and $423 last week. 

    Which measure of data would make the

    store’s sales last week appear the most


 A.  Mode
 B.  Median
 C.  Mean
 D.  Range

2)  Sharon played an electronic game.  There

     were 15 questions, of which she answered

     3 incorrectly.  At this rate, how many

     questions should Sharon expect to answer

     incorrectly if she answers a total of 135


 B.  27
 A.  45
 C.  9
 D.  5

3)  Fiona has a bag containing 6 red, 8 blue,

     5 green, 9 yellow, and 2 white marbles that

     are all the same size and shape.  What is the

     probability of randomly choosing a white

     marble on the first pick, replacing it, and then

     randomly choosing a green marble on the

     second pick?

 B.  1/15
 A.  1/6
 C.  1/87
 D.  1/90

5)  A rancher sold 100 calves.  He recorded the

    following data about these animals.  Which

    measure of data could be used to calculate

    the total weight of the calves sold?

 A.   Mean
 B.  Median
 C.  Mode
 D.  Range

 B. As Betsy made fewer phone calls, the

        cost of the phone calls decreased.

A.  As Betsy made more phone calls, the

         cost of the phone calls increased.

C.  As Betsy decreased the number of minutes on

         the phone, the number of phone calls decreased.

6)  The scatterplot below shows the cost of phone calls

     Betsy made to her brother overseas in relation to the

     number of minutes per phone call.  Based on the

     information in the scatterplot, which

     statement is a valid conclusion?

D. As Betsy increased the number of minutes on the

        phone, the cost of the phone calls increased.

7)  Miss Koziel eats a bowl of her favorite cereal every

     morning.  The table below shows the nutritional

     content of one serving of this cereal.  Which graph

     best represents these data?


8)  The table below shows the number of

     students in each grade at Madison Junior

     High who are enrolled in various musical

     groups.  Which graph best represents the

     data in the table?


9)  Julie is going to conduct a school survey for a research

    paper.  Which sampling method is NOT a good

    representation of her school’s student population?

A.Survey every fifth student as all students exit

          the main door at school.

B.  Survey all students at a shopping mall.
C.  Survey ¼ of all the students at school randomly.

D.  Survey all the students whose names have been

         randomly drawn by the school’s computer.

B. The vertical bars

        are too wide.

C. The intervals are too small.

D. The scale for the number of packages

       goes higher than 90.

A.  The scale for the number

       of packages does not start

    at zero.

10)  The graph below displays the weights of

       packages shipped from a post office on

       Tuesday.  According to the information in the

       graph, no 10- to 12- pound packages were

       shipped.  Which statement explains why this

       representation may be inaccurate?

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