• 1. Who is considered the 'Father of History'?
A) Plutarch
B) Thucydides
C) Aristotle
D) Herodotus
  • 2. In which ancient Greek city was Herodotus born?
A) Halicarnassus
B) Sparta
C) Troy
D) Athens
  • 3. Which work is Herodotus known for?
A) The Odyssey
B) The Republic
C) The Aeneid
D) The Histories
  • 4. Who challenged Herodotus' approach to history with a more critical and analytic method in his work 'History of the Peloponnesian War'?
A) Plato
B) Thucydides
C) Aristotle
D) Socrates
  • 5. Herodotus is credited with popularizing the term...
A) Mythology
B) History
C) Philosophy
D) Literature
  • 6. Which ancient literary figure does Herodotus reference in 'The Histories' as a source of inspiration?
A) Virgil
B) Ovid
C) Homer
D) Euripides
  • 7. In Herodotus' work, what event is known as a pivotal moment where democracy is contrasted with tyranny?
A) The Persian Wars
B) The Siege of Troy
C) The Peloponnesian War
D) The Battle of Marathon
  • 8. What is the term for the cataloging and inquiry into the causes of historical events, a method used by Herodotus?
A) Psychology
B) Historiography
C) Sociology
D) Genealogy
  • 9. What significant event in Herodotus' work is often considered the climax of the narrative?
A) The Persian Conquest
B) The Punic Wars
C) The Trojan War
D) The Battle of Salamis
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