Importance of Forests
  • 1. Forests help in regulating the global _______.
A) Climate
B) Economy
C) Population
D) Health
  • 2. Forests are important for maintaining _______ diversity.
A) Political
B) Technological
C) Biodiversity
D) Economic
  • 3. Forests act as a natural _______ that traps carbon dioxide.
A) Corridor
B) Erosion
C) Sink
D) Barrier
  • 4. Forests help in regulating the _______ cycle.
A) Nitrogen
B) Oxygen
C) Water
D) Carbon
  • 5. Forests help to prevent _______ and soil erosion.
A) Pollution
B) Wildfires
C) Flooding
D) Drought
  • 6. Forests serve as a major _______ resource.
A) Technological
B) Carbon
C) Economic
D) Political
  • 7. Forests help in maintaining _______ balance.
A) Geological
B) Ecological
C) Technological
D) Financial
  • 8. Forests provide a place for _______ and recreation.
A) Relaxation
B) Industrialization
C) Pesticides
D) Urbanization
  • 9. Forests are considered as the '_______ of life'.
A) Heart
B) Muscles
C) Lungs
D) Brain
  • 10. Forests help in maintaining a balanced _______ system.
A) Transportation
B) Economic
C) Political
D) Ecosystem
  • 11. Forests are crucial for enhancing _______ quality.
A) Water
B) Transportation
C) Food
D) Air
  • 12. Forests help in creating a more _______ environment for all species.
A) Industrial
B) Sustainable
C) Polluted
D) Turbulent
  • 13. Forests contribute to a healthy _______.
A) Economy
B) Industry
C) Society
D) Environment
  • 14. Forests provide a natural _______ for various species of plants and animals.
A) Laboratory
B) Factory
C) School
D) Habitat
  • 15. Forests contribute to the overall _______ of the planet.
A) Population
B) Wealth
C) Technology
D) Health
  • 16. What percentage of Earth's land surface is covered by forests?
A) 31%
B) 15%
C) 40%
D) 25%
  • 17. What is the process by which trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen called?
A) Transpiration
B) Decomposition
C) Respiration
D) Photosynthesis
  • 18. Which country has the largest area of forest cover in the world?
A) Russia
B) Brazil
C) Canada
D) China
  • 19. Which organization is responsible for the conservation and sustainable management of forests worldwide?
A) WHO (World Health Organization)
B) IMF (International Monetary Fund)
D) FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)
  • 20. What is the term for the practice of planting trees to establish a forest on previously unforested land?
A) Reforestation
B) Afforestation
C) Harvesting
D) Deforestation
  • 21. Which type of forest is characterized by trees that lose their leaves each year?
A) Taiga forest
B) Coniferous forest
C) Deciduous forest
D) Rainforest
  • 22. Which layer of the forest canopy receives the most sunlight and is home to the majority of plant species?
A) Understory layer
B) Forest floor layer
C) Emergent layer
D) Canopy layer
  • 23. Where are the world's most diverse forests found in terms of species richness?
A) Tropical forests
B) Mangrove forests
C) Temperate forests
D) Boreal forests
  • 24. What is the name for the process of gradually changing forests into non-forest ecosystems?
A) Preservation
B) Deforestation
C) Afforestation
D) Reforestation
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