Polar Bears in Svalbard
  • 1. Polar bears primarily feed on what food source in Svalbard?
A) Berries
B) Fish
C) Seals
D) Grass
  • 2. How do polar bears manage to swim in freezing waters?
A) Insulated fur
B) Thick layer of blubber
C) Ice-resistant coating
D) Hollow bones
  • 3. What adaptation allows polar bears to camouflage in their surroundings?
A) Striped fur
B) Brown fur
C) Spotted fur
D) White fur
  • 4. How do polar bears navigate the vast Arctic region?
A) Excellent sense of smell
B) Good eyesight
C) Keen hearing
D) Echolocation
  • 5. What is the biggest threat to polar bears in Svalbard?
A) Predators
B) Climate change
C) Disease
D) Hunting
  • 6. Polar bears are technically classified as...
A) Land mammals
B) Marine mammals
C) Reptiles
D) Amphibians
  • 7. What is the main reason polar bears are considered vulnerable?
A) Loss of habitat
B) Lack of predators
C) Overpopulation
D) Adaptability
  • 8. What type of climate is found in Svalbard?
A) Arctic
B) Temperate
C) Tropical
D) Desert
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