Alma Mahler
  • 1. What was Alma Mahler's full name at birth?
A) Alma Margarete Lasker
B) Alma Mathilde Kiesler
C) Alma Marie Mahler
D) Alma Maria Schindler
  • 2. Alma Mahler was married to which famous composer?
A) Arnold Schoenberg
B) Gustav Mahler
C) Anton Bruckner
D) Richard Strauss
  • 3. In addition to being a composer, Alma Mahler was known for her talent in which artistic field?
A) Sculpture
B) Dance
C) Acting
D) Painting
  • 4. Alma Mahler's autobiography, published in 1958, is titled?
A) Songs of My Heart
B) And the Bridge is Love
C) Whispers of the Past
D) Echoes of Eternity
  • 5. Alma Mahler was born in which city?
A) Berlin
B) Vienna
C) Budapest
D) Prague
  • 6. Which famous poet did Alma Mahler have a relationship with after Gustav Mahler's death?
A) Federico Garcia Lorca
B) Paul Verlaine
C) Rainer Maria Rilke
D) Sylvia Plath
  • 7. Alma Mahler was the stepmother to which daughter of Gustav Mahler?
A) Maria Mahler
B) Frida Mahler
C) Anna Mahler
D) Clara Mahler
  • 8. Which composer did Alma Mahler have a brief affair with during her marriage to Gustav Mahler?
A) Anton Webern
B) Franz Liszt
C) Alexander von Zemlinsky
D) Igor Stravinsky
  • 9. Alma Mahler married her third husband in 1929, who was he?
A) Franz Werfel
B) Thomas Mann
C) Karl Kraus
D) Hermann Hesse
  • 10. What was the title of Alma Mahler's first song cycle?
A) Whispers of the Heart
B) Five Songs
C) Songs of Love and Loss
D) Echoes of My Soul
  • 11. Alma Mahler's father, Emil Jakob Schindler, was a famous?
A) Painter
B) Architect
C) Poet
D) Composer
  • 12. In which year did Alma Mahler pass away?
A) 1982
B) 1964
C) 1975
D) 1958
  • 13. Which of Alma Mahler's husbands was a prominent architect associated with the Bauhaus movement?
A) Oskar Kokoschka
B) Egon Schiele
C) Franz Werfel
D) Walter Gropius
  • 14. Alma Mahler was the mother of which artist known for his association with George Grosz and the Berlin Dada movement?
A) Manon Gropius
B) Leon Kokoschka
C) Sophie Zemlinsky
D) Andrea Werfel
  • 15. In which country was Alma Mahler born?
A) Germany
B) Hungary
C) Switzerland
D) Austria
  • 16. Alma Mahler was portrayed by which actress in the 2001 film 'Bride of the Wind'?
A) Sarah Wynter
B) Olivia Williams
C) Cate Blanchett
D) Kate Winslet
  • 17. Alma Mahler had an affair with which famous painter, known for his groundbreaking work in the field of expressionism?
A) Marc Chagall
B) Oskar Kokoschka
C) Gustav Klimt
D) Egon Schiele
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