Watership Down
  • 1. Who is the author of Watership Down?
A) Richard Adams
B) J.K. Rowling
C) C.S. Lewis
D) George Orwell
  • 2. What type of animal are the main characters in Watership Down?
A) Rabbits
B) Mice
C) Squirrels
D) Foxes
  • 3. What is the name of the warren the rabbits escape from at the beginning of the story?
A) Redstone
B) Greenwood
C) Sandleford
D) Hawthorn
  • 4. What is the name of the dangerous warren controlled by General Woundwort?
A) Efrafa
B) Watership
C) Cowslip's
D) Redstone
  • 5. Who is the brave and clever rabbit who becomes the leader of Watership Down warren?
A) Hazel
B) Bigwig
C) Silver
D) Blackavar
  • 6. Who is the giant bird that aids the rabbits in their journey to Watership Down?
A) Kehaar
B) General Woundwort
C) Blackberry
D) Bluebell
  • 7. Who is Bigwig's mate in the story?
A) Spartina
B) Strawberry
C) Moss
D) Hyzenthlay
  • 8. What is the language spoken by the rabbits in Watership Down called?
A) Rabbitese
B) Warrenese
C) Lapine
D) Fiverish
  • 9. What is the name of the rabbit who dies heroically defending Watership Down warren?
A) Buckthorn
B) Dandelion
C) Blackberry
D) Holly
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